Features of UltraMoo Package
Designed for portability, fast and efficient application

  • Switch Blower Function – Powerful Blower allows air drying as well as administering solution
  • Solution Flow Nozzle – Adjustable to 5-20 microns
  • Funnel for Refilling
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 25V Battery for 2 Hours Continuous Use
  • Lightweight – 6lbs
  • 3 LitreSolution Tank
  • Spray reaches 2 Metres
  • “This Premise Has Been Disinfected” Sticker
  • 4-4L jugs of Disinfectant Solution
  • 1 Spray bottle of 950ml Disinfectant Solution

UltraMoo ULV Fogger/Sprayer

The UltraMoo Cordless Fogger has a powerful spray and ultra-low particle size that permeates into even the smallest area!
Disinfection and Sanitizing:The UltraMoo enables injection of the disinfectant solutions to every area of targeted disinfection. Its small micron droplet nozzle that is adjustable provides complete coverage and protection against infectious pathogens.

Application:The UltraMoo has a unique open and close solution flow nozzle and adjustable blower providing ultimate spraying. The “SOLUTION FLOW NOZZLE” and “BLOWER SWITCH” that can easily be adjusted from releasing maximum solution when fully open to a reduced a smaller micro flow when only slightly open. The UltraMoo can also be utilized as a “blow dryer” when solution flow nozzle is fully closed. In this setting the UltraMoo provides quick and immediate blow drying to areas such as electrical components where applied solution if desired.