PAS Personal Sanitizing Sprayer


PAS (Personal Atomizer Sprayer)

Ideal for your personal sanitizing such as:  public chairs or tables, washrooms, door handles, shopping carts etc…..

  • 120ml Tank
  •  3.7 V Lithium Ion Battery
  • 2 Hour Continuous Use
  • Spray Range: 2 Feet
  • USB Cable Charger
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PAS Personal Atomizer Sprayer 

Fits in your purse – Ideal for sanitizing/disinfecting your personal or public spaces, it can be widely used for your home, office, school or any public place for such things as door handles, toilet seats, restaurant chairs and tables, phones, keyboards, kitchen counters, desks/chairs, ANY high touch areas

The compact body fits in any purse and it has ergonomically designed handle for comfortable handling. Take it anywhere with you!

Feature and Benefits:

  • 120ml Solution Tank
  • 7 V Lithium Ion Battery
  • USB Cable Charger
  • 2 Hour Continuous Use
  • Quick Charging
  • Spray Range: 2 Feet

1 review for PAS Personal Sanitizing Sprayer

  1. super-admin

    I Love my PAS, the best Christmas gift!

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