C150+ Vectorfog ULV Fogger Package


C150+ Vectorfog ULV Fogger Package

  • NOTE: Same motor as the C100+ with a larger tank
  • Patented nozzle for adjustable spraying size of 5 microns
  • Shoulder Strap
  • 4Litre Solution Tank
  • 110V / 220V
  • Weight :9.9lbs
  • Spray Distance: 6 to 32 Feet
  • Droplet Size : 5-50 Microns
  • “This Premise Has Been Disinfected” Sticker
  • 4-4L jugs of EnviraSolution HOCl Disinfectant 
  • Bonus 1L Spray bottle of EnviraSolution HOCl Disinfectant 
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What Can This Fogger Do ?

Lighter and 10dB quieter than previous models, the new Vectorfog® C150+ has been redesigned to offer the ultimate in fogging performance.

A new specially designed air intake on the front of the machine now reduces the fogger’s core temperature by 20°, enhancing its performance under long working conditions. The overall air pressure of the machine has also been enhanced, allowing a spray distance of up to 8 meters at an angle of up to 80°. With a new larger 6 litre tank, 1250 Watt Samsung motor, and a fully adjustable droplet size from 5-50 microns, the C150+ will provide years of durability and performance. Our foggers are perfect for applying most types of fungicides, disinfectants, biocides, and insecticides.


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