Optional $120 1 Year Warranty

General Conditions

With this 1 Year Warranty Agreement, if there are any repair issues with your product during a period of 1 year period, your product will be replaced or repaired at no cost to the client, including shipping costs.

The buyer agrees to purchase a minimum of one case of EnviraSolution Disinfectant per month from Safeworx Disinfecting Systems or its authorized Distributor, for a period of 1 year. This Is to ensure the use of our non-corrosive and Health Canada Approved disinfectant is used in the equipment during the warranty period.

We will offer the solution at a $10.00 discount per case each month during the life of this warranty agreement. Thereby, the $120.00 plus HST warranty cost will be completely reimbursed by the end of the warranty period.


    MUST RETURN WITHIN 14 DAYS OF PURCHASE - Save your receipt and a copy of this warranty card for your records